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The Hughes 4200 Portable Data Terminal is IP-based and offers selectable Quality of Service (QoS) levels. Key features include quick deployment, an integrated flat-panel antenna, and audible and visual pointing aids—including an attached compass. The data terminal is manufactured by Hughes, an EchoStar company.

The Hughes 4200 Portable Data Terminal (Hughes 4200 PDT) provides EchoStar Mobile users in all EU member states —
as well as Norway and Switzerland — with connectivity to VoIP and IP data services supported by GMR-1 3G. The Hughes 4200 PDT is fully approved for operation on EchoStar Mobile’s mobile satellite services (MSS) platform and the EchoStar XXI S-band satellite, providing high performance connectivity for users — including those in remote locations.

The Hughes 4200 PDT allows for reliable and efficient communication for all users in all locations using a variety of IP data applications on their PC or smart device. The Hughes 4200 PDT includes a built-in Wi-Fi access point for wireless data and voice support. Additionally, smartphones with VoIP clients can now utilize GMR-1 3G’s efficient satellite telephony service for voice calls.
As a cost-effective, state-of-the-art mobile device, the Hughes 4200 PDT is ideal for governments, public protection and security, remote healthcare and emergency facilities, utility companies, forestry services, and the oil & gas industry.


Self-contained battery-operated unit with internal flat panel S-band satellite antenna.
Audio aid for antenna pointing, along with signal quality display and attached compass.
Simultaneous use of Ethernet and Wi-Fi for IP data
Supports WPA and WPA-2 encryption over Wi-Fi
Supports NAT, NAPT and DHCP
Multi-user capability
High-capacity battery
Voice over IP:Supports one POTS port
Supports SIP clients over Wi-Fi and LAN


• PacketconnectionsatdataratessupportedbyGMR-13G
– Physical-layer data rates: Up to 290 Kbps forward and 256 kbps return
– Multiple Quality of Service levels

• Bandwidth-efficientVoiceoverIP(VoIP)

Package Contents

• Hughes4200PortableDataTerminal
• AC/DCadapter
• Ethernetcable
• QuickStartGuide