Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Smart meters can provide instant and accurate readings of electricity use while eliminating the need for a physical meter reader. The Galaxy 1 AMI solution provides security, privacy, scalability, ease of deployment and coverage far beyond cellular using the Hughes 9201-M2M BGAN terminal. The Hughes terminal connects an AMI collection point to the utility’s data center via the Inmarsat satellite network, each collection point is linked to multiple smart meters via a local radio network. The BGAN solution provides real-time, access to meter data, while lowering the cost of collection in the previously unconnected areas.

Distribution Automation

This Galaxy 1 distribution automation solution supports the Smart Grid concept by enabling utilities to maintain continuous surveillance of their distribution network for voltage fluctuations, outages and service demands while connecting remote assets like reclosers, fault indicators, capacitor banks, and other components. Our solution ensures 24/7 visibility along distribution lines, extending the network to reach 100% of the utility’s customer base.

Field Force Automation

To work efficiently, engineers and maintenance crews in the field need to maintain regular contact with headquarters to receive work instructions and technical information. Cellular networks often meet this requirement, but often cannot be relied on in rural and remote areas. They are also unsuitable for exchanging large data files because of their limited and minimal bandwidth.

Galaxy 1 offers comprehensive, secure satellite solutions for mobile workers in the utilities sector – from handheld voice through to mobile broadband data.v